Prof. Cheng Sun

Agricultural Science

SUN Cheng, male, born December 25, 1947, Han nationality, communist party member, researcher, renowned scientist, member of the World Academy of Podiatric Science (WAPS), "100 Outstanding Inventors of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" and "Scientists of Merit in productivity Science on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China". He was recognized by the WCPS Organization of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

He is currently the Chief Scientist of the Academic Committee of the United Nations International Organization for Information Development, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Academicians, the Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Branch of the World Union of Productivity Sciences, the Chairman of the Bureau of the Nanyang Academy of Sciences, the President of the Asia-Pacific Association for Scientific Research, the Director of the Academician Studio of the Rural Education Development Center, the Chief Scientist of the Academician Workstation of Shandong Kelong Livestock Industry Co., Ltd., the lead academician of the overseas academician workstation of Zhejiang Eight Flavors Chinese Medicine Industry Development Co., Ltd. in Yiwu City, the Director of the International Association of Academicians of the China Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, the President of the International Federation of Scientific and Technical Scholars of Sybid (United States), and Editor-in-Chief of the international academic journal World Agricultural Economic Research.

He engaged in scientific research for more than 30 years, has put a number of major scientific and technological achievements into productivity. His greatest scientific and technological achievements and contributions are for China's low fertilizer utilization rate, soil plate, environmental pollution, food security and other issues successfully developed a major invention patent technology achievements "Century Tian Wang" biological organic fertilizer, biological organic inorganic slow release compound fertilizer and a series of new slow release fertilizer. The patented technology achievements are listed as "National Key New Product Program Project" and "High-Tech Industry Key Demonstration Project", filling the historical gap of High Concentration Natural Bio-Organic Fertilizer and Bio-Organic Inorganic Recommission Compound Fertilizer in China and the world. China has built more than 20 "Century Tian Wang" fertilizer production line, annual production capacity of more than 1 million tons, products sold in domestic provinces and cities, and exported to Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries. Since 2016, academician SUN Cheng has been the chief scientist of Shandong Kelong Livestock Industry Co., Ltd., which is a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province, has made important contributions to the development of enterprises. In 2019, the project Century Tian Wang Salt-alkali Geo-Salt Balance Bio-Nano-Improvement Technology Application declared by Kelong Company was listed as a key research and development plan in Shandong Province (major scientific and technological innovation project) and is now being organized and implemented.

In view of academician SUN Cheng's great contribution to human society, the WCPS organization of the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2001 recognized and awarded him the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution to Productivity. In 2006, the Rural and Social Development Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology edited the book Century Tian Wang's New Slow Release Fertilizer Technology and Application and published it in writing to the national public as a training series of spark programs. In 2007, the State Intellectual Property Office included the patented achievements of the invention in the China Intellectual Property Yearbook under the title King of Century Tian Wang Fei. In 2009, academician SUN Cheng was named "The 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China 100 Outstanding Inventors." In 2019, as one of the 39 scientists of scientific masters, he was included in the 70th Anniversary Stamp Collection of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

His papers and monographs, such as The Strategic Study of Contemporary Xingguo, The Technology and Application of New Slow Release Fertilizers, The Imbalance between the Proportion of Plant Nutrition Growth and Reproductive Growth Balance is an Important Source of Environmental Pollution Caused by Excessive Fertilizer Use, have had an important impact at home and abroad. He is one of the founders of "the theory of balance between plant nutrition growth and reproductive growth", and is known as "the father of Chinese fertilizer".

In 2021, the Office of the Leading Group for Talent Work of Yiwu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yiwu City Science and Technology Association, academician SUN Cheng, YU Qiaoxian who in charge of "Zhejiang Academician's House", jointly signed Yiwu "Zhejiang Academician's House" Academy's Letter of Intent to Enter the House. academician SUN Cheng left the academician's hand model in the "Academic Hall" of the "Zhejiang Academician's House", and planted a "member tree" in the "academic forest".