Prof. Jiping Huang


College of Internet Marketing, Guangxi Peixian International College, associate professor

Born in 1983, from Dahua County, Guangxi, and associate professor of Guangxi Peixian International International College. He is currently a member of the Party Committee of Guangxi Peixian International College, secretary of the Party Branch of the College of Internet Marketing, and vice president of the branch. Research areas: public management, education management, higher vocational education and teaching, "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2013, he hosted 1 project of the New Century Guangxi Higher Education Teaching Reform Project (Category A) and was successful. Currently, he is working on two research-level projects and two district-level projects. He has published 1 monograph and edited textbook. He has published several academic papers in journals such as The Guide of Science & Education, Theoretical Studies, Educational Studies, Wenyuan, Education Digest, Quality Education. In 2019, he instructed students to participate in the first tourism e-commerce competition in Guangxi Colleges and Universities and won the "third prize of the group" in the vocational group, and guided students to participate in the Pingguo University Park Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won the "Excellent Instructor" award.