Professor Tuoxin Gao

Agricultural Science

Born on October 18, 1962, from Lingyuan, Liaoning, professor and researcher-level senior engineer. Participated in work in May 1983, successively served as forest disease and insect forecaster, chief of the forecasting report, person in charge of the State Forest Farm Management Station of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, deputy director of the Office of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, and leader of the Shiyao Village Village Working Team in Siguanying, Municipal Forestry Bureau , Currently the director of the Information Center of Lingyuan Forestry Bureau (and director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the Bureau). He has presided over more than 10 times and participated in the research work of major provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects, presided over the completion of 8 projects such as "Lingyuan City's main forestry pest occurrence law and comprehensive prevention and control technology research" and won the first prize of Liaoning Forestry Science and Technology. 5 projects including "Study on the Forecast and Control of Mulberry Cocklebur in Lingyuan City", "Research on the Occurrence Regularity and Comprehensive Prevention and Control Technology of 8 Poplar-eating Pests in Chaoyang Area" won the second prize of Chaoyang Municipal Government Science and Technology Progress Award; write more than 100 scientific papers such as "Discussion on improving regional management level of Lingyuan Qinglonghe Provincial Nature Reserve", "Take effective measures to effectively carry out Lingyuan forestry propaganda work" and "Cultivation techniques of large flat apricot rootstock seedlings in western Liaoning", which were published in Forest Pest and DiseaseLiaoning Forestry Science and TechnologyProtection Forest Science and Technology, Beijing Agriculture, Modern Agriculture and other national, provincial and ministerial core journals respectively, playing an important role in guiding forestry production effect. In 1989, he was rated as an excellent telegrapher by the Forestry Department of Liaoning Province; in 2005, he was rated as an excellent telegrapher during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period by the Forest Disease and Insect Pest Control Station of Liaoning Province; in 2007, he was rated as an excellent informant by the Forest Protection Station of Liaoning Province; In 2010, he was rated as an excellent informant by the Forestry Pest Control and Quarantine Bureau of Liaoning Province. In March 2010, he was rated as an excellent correspondent by the Forestry Pest Control Station of the State Forestry Administration. He was hired as a reporter by Liaoning Forestry in September 2011; in 2013 Chaoyang City Forestry Bureau awarded the city the title of advanced worker in the management of state-owned forest farms. In 2014, he was awarded the honorary title of advanced individual in the system information work of the party committee by Lingyuan Municipal Government.