Prof. Tiejun Cui

Journal of Autonomous Intelligence Advances in Computer and Autonomous Intelligence Research Journal of Safety Science and Engineering

Introduction of Professor Tiejun Cui

Professor/Ph.D. supervisor: bachelor's degree in safety engineering, software engineering and architectural engineering, PhD in safety technology and engineering, postdoctor of safety science and engineering, postdoctor of mechanics; experts in emergency management in Liaoning Province, national non-coal mine mountain safety production expert, evaluation experts of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, judge of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award and other special committee members and award experts; received Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award, Liaoning Province Excellent Science and Technology Worker, China Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation Award, China's Hundred Most Influential Domestic Academic Papers, and First Prize for Productivity Promotion Service Elite, among others; The first completed person won 2 first-class, 2 second-class and 5 third-class science and technology progress awards at the provincial, ministerial, and academic levels; published over 300 academic papers, including over 50 papers in SCI-EI; 26 authorized invention patents (as the first inventor, he had 16 patents); published 10 academic monographs (as the first author, he had 9 monographs); served as deputy editor in chief of 2 Chinese and English journals, youth editor in 6 journals, editorial committee in 1 journal, and visiting editors in chief of 6 journals; reviewer of 23 journals in SCI and 20 core journals; led and participated in 8 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Key Research and Development Program, etc.