Prof. Xiaonan Gong

Building Technology Research

Honorary Chief Editor of Architectural Technology Research




Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhejiang University, Professor

Admitted to Tsinghua University in 1961 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1967. After graduating from a bachelor degree, he worked in the 8601 Engineering Office of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, engaged in the design and construction of  projects such as roads, bridges, embankments, and served as the project team leader of the Infrastructure Office. He was admitted to Zhejiang University in 1978, received a master degree in geotechnical engineering in 1981, and a doctorate degree in engineering in 1984. After graduation, he went to teach in the Department of Civil Engineering of Zhejiang University, and was promoted to associate professor in 1986. In 1986, he won the Humboldt Foundation Scholarship. In December, he went to Karlsruhe University in Germany to do post-doctoral research, and returned to China in April 1988. In 1988, he was promoted to professor by exception. In 1993, he was hired by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council as a doctoral tutor in geotechnical engineering. From May 1994 to September 1999, he served as the head of the Department of Civil Engineering of Zhejiang University. He has long been engaged in the theoretical research and engineering practice of soil mechanics and basic engineering. The main research directions: foundation treatment and composite foundation, foundation pit engineering, foundation engineering construction environmental effects and countermeasures, foundation reinforcement and tilt correction of existing buildings, and geotechnical computer analysis. In 2002, he was awarded the Mao Yisheng Award for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, and was selected as the 2007 Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Huang Wenxi lecturer. In 2011, he was elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. And he has won more than 20 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. Academic part-time jobs: Executive director of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering, Director of the Foundation Treatment Academic Committee of the Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Branch, Director of the Foundation Pit Engineering Professional Committee of the Construction Branch of the Architectural Society of China, Deputy Director of the Geomechanics Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Mechanics, Zhejiang Geotechnical Chairman of the Society of Mechanics and Engineering, person in charge and director of the editorial board of Chinese Journal of Ground Improvement, and member of the editorial board of journals such as Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, China Civil Engineering Journal, Engineering Mechanics.