Zhiheng Xu

Building Technology Research

Shandong Jianzhu University Architecture & Urban Planning Design Institute, senior engineer

Since joining the work, he has completed many HVAC designs for large-scale public projects such as theaters, office buildings, outpatient medical technology ward buildings, libraries, gymnasiums, and swimming pools. The above work is to maintain the cautious and serious work attitude of HVAC design and water supply and drainage design work while completing the tasks of the unit, actively meet the various engineering requirements of Party A, actively cooperate with various professional colleagues, and be fully responsible to Party A in accordance with Responsible attitude to the project, strictly control drawing quality and drawing time, successfully completing various HVAC and water supply and drainage design tasks; with the continuous construction of various projects, cooperate with Party A and the construction unit to solve the problems encountered in the project construction. Problems and various changes actively promote the smooth completion of the project, which has been unanimously praised by Party A and the construction unit! Many of the design work are local teaching buildings and campus annexes. They have made positive contributions to cooperate with Party A to improve teaching conditions and students' living conditions, expand the scale of local education, and improve the hardware conditions of local teaching; a considerable number of medical buildings The design has made positive contributions to improving the local medical conditions, improving the local people's medical treatment, responding to the national urbanization strategy, and improving the local urbanization level!

Shandong Jianzhu University Architecture & Urban Planning Design Institute 2016 Excellent Producer;

In December 2016, he was appointed by the Shandong Refrigeration Society as the director of the HVAC branch of the Shandong Refrigeration Society for a term of three years