Professor Zeng Xudong

Published on: 2019-07-01 | Updated on: 2019-09-09

Building Development

Professor Zeng Xudong, the Honor Introduction of New Editor-in-chief of "Building Developments"

Member of the Architectural Digital Technology Teaching Committee of the National College of Architecture Discipline Steering Committee; member of the Computational Design Academic Committee of the Architectural Society of China; Director of the BIM Professional Committee of the Engineering Management Research Association of the Architectural Society of China; executive director of the BIM Sector of the Civil Engineering Architectural Network of Chongqing ; expert member of the National Architecture Institute of China; deputy director of the
National Architecture and Urban Planning Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center; expert in the dissertation evaluation of the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center; national digital architecture teaching professional steering committee building digital technology teaching work committee building digital technology Deputy Director of the Editorial Committee of Education Series Textbook; expert of the Advisory Committee of Chongqing Planning Commission; expert of Chongqing Construction Engineering Survey and Design Expert Advisory Committee; Reviewer of Journal of “New Architecture”; Member of Architectural Society of China; Member of Urban Planning Society of China.