Research on the Path of Promoting the Employment of Disabled College Students

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v4i2.820

Haojun Dong

Zhaoqing University


Higher education for the disabled is an important part of education for special groups in our country. After years of development, college students with disabilities have embraced a decent employment environment, high-quality education conditions, and have developed the basic employability. In order to further promote the employment of disabled college students, improve the happiness of disabled college students, and improve the life of disabled college students, we should attach great importance to the employment work, formulate support policies to promote employment, implement employment assistance systems, create a warm employment-supporting environment, and guide to construct correct employment values, build a sound employment ability improvement system, innovate a series of courses for professional development, construct a practical education platform for employment and entrepreneurship, and establish an exchange mechanism for employment and entrepreneurship.


special education; special groups; disabled college students; college student employment; employment paths


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