Research on the Reform and Innovation of Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v2i4.202

Lei Fu

Yangtze University School of Arts


The fundamental purpose of education is to promote better development of students. As the process of economic globalization accelerates, the teaching methods of art courses are also constantly improving. Especially in today’s society with a high degree of tolerance, science and technology and the internet have not only changed people’s lives, but also changed the mode of thinking and learning. As an important front for transporting talents, the school pays more attention to strengthening the construction of student quality education and professional education service system. Obviously, the traditional education model can no longer meet the current social development’s demand for high-quality talents. If we want students to achieve better development, we need to actively embrace the changes of the times, be student-oriented, follow the trend, and formulate educational policies that are more in line with the development of the times. Therefore, we need to make drastic reforms and innovations in vocal music teaching, and continuously improve the quality and level of vocal music teaching by reconstructing the teaching model. This article briefly describes the positive significance of the current college vocal music teaching reform and innovation, as well as the specific reform and innovation strategies for reference.


colleges; vocal music teaching; reform and innovation; approach explore


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