Analysis of Problems Existing in Technology Incubation in Colleges and Universities

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v2i1.87

Yuanfei Xue, Haigang Xu

Shenzhen Polytechnic


Under the background of the reform of macro-market economy system, the realistic value of technology to modern enterprise competition is more and more prominent, and its innovation drives the development and progress of the whole society. Colleges and Universities are the main force of scientific and technological innovation, gathering rich intellectual resources and playing an irreplaceable role in building an innovation-oriented country. However, the success rate of technology incubation in colleges and universities is relatively low and individual problems emerge one after another, resulting in a certain degree of waste of resources, which is the focus that must be addressed at present. This paper briefly analyzes the problems existing in the technology incubation of colleges and universities and probes into the corresponding countermeasures.


colleges and universities; technology incubation; problem; countermeasures


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