Research on the Construction Mode of Enterprise Colleges

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v1i2.170

Keyan Zhao

Liaoning Financial Vocational College


A vocational college focuses on the training of high-quality technical personnel. The outline of the national plan for medium and long-term education reform and development clearly states that enterprises and other social forces should be encouraged to participate in running schools. Quality educational resources should be expanded, and the efficiency of running schools should be improved. The enterprise college can combine the superior resources of the enterprise and the superior resources of the college to promote the reform of the teaching mode of the college, to provide the society with high-quality skilled talents, and to improve the teaching quality of the college. Based on this, this article explores the construction mode of enterprise colleges, hoping to provide a reference for the reform of college teaching mode and make a contribution to the healthy development of colleges.


enterprise college, teaching mode, technical personnel, personnel training


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