Research and Design of a Novel Hygiene Protection Handrail Based on Pyroelectric Infrared Sensing

Journal: Journal of Building Technology DOI: 10.32629/jbt.v5i2.1399

Xiang Zhang, Suping Cui, Name Zeren, Caiyi Liang, Xinyan Wang

Tibet University, Lhasa 850000, Tibet, China.


This article focuses on the widespread prevention of public health incidents and the promotion of smart cities, proposing a low-cost and widely accessible intelligent health protection railing based on pyroelectric infrared sensing. The railing consists of three main components: power supply, monitoring, and operation. In terms of power supply, the intelligent railing can be divided into solar-powered and electric-powered types depending on its usage. The monitoring part is mainly composed of pyroelectric infrared sensors, which constantly monitor the movement of individuals to determine whether to activate the ultraviolet disinfection function. The core of the operation part is the design of ultraviolet disinfection. When the sensors detect human movement, the railing automatically activates the ultraviolet disinfection function. These three components are organically integrated into the railing body and controlled by a 51 microcontroller. The various power supply options, strong applicability, high safety, and superior effectiveness of ultraviolet disinfection complement each other, making the railing widely applicable and highly functional. The design of this new type of health protection railing, with the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and broad applicability, allows the general public to complete disinfection and protection without affecting their normal behavior, thus serving the purpose of preventing public health incidents and assisting in the advancement of smart cities.


multifunctional integration; intelligent railing; smart city; 51 microcontroller; health protection


Fund Project: National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Support (Intra-campus Project at Tibet University); Project Number: 2023XCX019.


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