A Brief Analysis of Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.77

Journal: Arts Studies and Criticism DOI: 10.32629/asc.v4i2.1459

Fong Fiona Fong

Midwestern University, Missouri, USA


Brahms is a giant in the era of romantic music, his works contain complex and delicate ideological changes in the hearts of the characters. His creative inspiration is deeply influenced by Schumann and other musicians, and the musical language expression in his works is sometimes tactful and sometimes obscure. Brahms has composed a large number of musical works throughout his life, including a large number of orchestral works, piano ensemble works, string ensemble works, solo piano songs, piano four-hand joint play, vocal duets, chorus, and solo works. Brahms's violin concerto consists of three movements, including the moderate Allegro in the first movement, the flexibility in the second movement, and the lively Allegro in the third movement. The first movement uses a 3/4 beat rhythm, a sonata style, the second movement uses a 2/4 rhythm, three paragraphs, and the third movement is also called the game-style Allegro, as the name suggests, is very fun, like a game. It uses a 2/4 beat rhythm, with an irregular rondo style. This article aims to helping learners to under its writing background and writing connotation of the Brahms Violin Concerto in depth, and to truly helping them restore a series of problems such as the deep promotion of the composer's creation process and the origin of inspiration.


Brahms, romantic music period, emotional tone, Western classical music


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