Analyzing the Opportunities of Art Trends Based on Contemporary Spiritual Needs

Journal: Arts Studies and Criticism DOI: 10.32629/asc.v4i2.1457

Jihui Zheng

Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua 321019, Zhejiang, China


The art trend of thought should adapt to the contemporary art needs and promote the help and progress of art for the group. Modern art should help build the spiritual level of each person and heal the mental and spiritual health of the individual. By popularizing basic art education and providing entry points for art viewing, enhancing the personal empathy and tolerance of the general public is a new opportunity to adapt to the artistic trend of human development and needs. This paper provides an idea of one of the possibilities of artistic trend of thought. Artists leave traces of clues in artistic works to give viewers a breakable entrance, that is, the guiding function of artworks themselves is strengthened, so as to form a personalized private chemotherapy field among viewers, artists and artistic works.


art trends, healing, empathy


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