On Bodily Transformation in the Ritual Context of Mask in Dance Performance

Journal: Arts Studies and Criticism DOI: 10.32629/asc.v3i3.943

Chenjing Shen

Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College, Shanghai 201815, China


With the development of social interaction, a number of questions arise along with such increasing realization. For example, what does a ritual include?  What purposes do ritualistic practices within dance performance through the body of the performer?  And where do we draw the line between ritual and performance through bodily transformation? In this essay, I will explore bodily transformations in the ritual context of the mask in dance performance. Firstly, the different definitions of ritual from a wide range of scholars are contained, and the relationship between ritual and dance performance is explored. Secondly, I will use mask as a example to deeply analyze on how the mask has an influence on bodily transformation during ritual in Chinese Nuo dance, especially focus on how mask relates with body and performance in Chinese Nuo dance. Finally, I will analyse the interaction between bodily transformations and ritual context.


boundary, ritual, dance performance, Nuo dance, mask


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