Construction and Prospect of "Meta-universe" Film and Television Works — Take the movie Ready Player One as an Example

Journal: Arts Studies and Criticism DOI: 10.32629/asc.v3i3.929

Xuan Wu

Wuchang Shouyi Universiry, Wuhan 430064, Hubei, China


Recently, "meta-universe" has exploded rapidly in various fields, but how to construct and develop it in film and television works still needs to be explored and thought. Ready Player One is a film and television work about the "meta-universe". Through the integration of film narrative and game elements, the film builds a virtual world in the "meta-universe" that is different from reality. The analysis of the film is helpful to promote the construction and development of films and television works related to the "meta-universe".


meta-universe, Ready Player One, virtual reality, film and television production


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