Histological and Clinical Evidence of Soft Tissue Regeneration from a Porcine Collagen Matrix - Case Report

Journal: Advances in Medicine and Engineering Interdisciplinary Research DOI: 10.32629/ameir.v1i2.1240

Cristina Sanzana-Luengo, Soledad Acuña, Carlos Godoy, Javier Basualdo Allende

University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.


Tooth loss results in loss of hard and soft tissue volume, making it difficult to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. In order to decrease the morbidity caused by an autologous graft in the alveolar seal, it can be replaced by a resorbable matrix of collagen. The present case report evaluated clinically and histologically a porcine collagen matrix, in soft tissue regeneration, during the installation of an implant immediately after dental extraction. After 6 months, clinically, a tissue with an optimal final aesthetic appearance was obtained and histologically, the formation of an epithelial and connective tissue compatible with that of a normal mucosa was evidenced.


porcine collagen matrix; socket preservation; soft tissue graft


Edgar Sandoval clinical photography. Histological photographs Prof. Dr. Maria Angélica Torres. Sample processing Prof. Cristian Peñafiel. Histological analysis Dr. Constanza Vera belonging to ANID Project PAI79160076, funded by Dr. Soledad Acuña-Mendoza.


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