Professor Zhongxing Wang

Educational Research Journal of International Education Forum

Software Institute, Shenyang Polytecknic College, associate dean


  1. Advanced Mathematics, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, independent editor
  2. Overview of Operations Research and Application of Linear Programming, Liaoning University Publishing House, Chief Editor
  3. Economic Mathematics, Jiangsu University Press, chief editor
  4. Practical tutorials for website development projects, Beijing Institute of Technology Press, Associate Editor


  1. Provincial planning topics: the construction of a practical and integrated teaching quality monitoring system in higher vocational colleges, host
  2. Provincial planning topic: Mathematical modeling in the teaching practice of higher vocational mathematics, the 2th completed
  3. Provincial planning topic: Research and practice of creative thinking in the construction of mathematics curriculum system, the firstcompleted
  4. Provincial planning topic: Research on the improvement of the quality of talent training in vocational colleges based on ISO9000 quality standards
  5. Provincial planning topic :Study and practice of standardized management of school-enterprise cooperation in higher vocational colleges, the 8th completed
  6. Teaching reform project: research on the impact of information technology on the learning interest and efficiency of vocational students,the 8th completed
  7. Provincial planning project: research and practice of the combination of engineering and professional talent training model in the higher vocational exhibition, the 7th completed