Discussion on the Differences between Theory and Practice in Vocal Music Teaching

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v3i1.215

Lei Fu

Yangtze University School of Arts


We are living in the best era. At present, the economy is growing steadily, and science and technology have driven the rapid development of all walks of life. Correspondingly, art education has received more and more attention from the society, and the teaching of vocal music has also received the attention and love of parents and students. With the continuous replacement of the development concept of the times, the methods of vocal music teaching are also constantly improving. From the transition from the teacher as the main body to the student as the foundation, the teaching emphasizes the development of students and pays more attention to changes in academic conditions, and pays more attention to the combination of theory and practice. And it will find out the difference between reality and theory based on the actual situation, make targeted analysis, find out the shortcomings, formulate a more scientific teaching method, improve teaching mode, improve teaching quality, so as to better improve students’ vocal level. This article analyzes the differences between theory and practice in vocal music teaching, and proposes corresponding solutions for reference.


vocal teaching; theory and practice; difference exploration


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